Practice Exam - Case Study Question Wording and Reference


In one of the case study questions we are asked to indicate the “minimum requirement of accessible routes from the public way to the building” and we are given the code excerpt 1104.1 - Site Arrival Points.

However, the available answers refer to the number of accessible entrances and the correct answer provided references IBC Section 1105.1. while the other answers still talk about accessible routes.

Is this a mix up or are we just suppose to ignore the question about the accessible route and just pick the correct answer based on the what responses are available?


Hi @graemesowerby - I’m having trouble finding the question you’re referring to. Can you let me know what form it’s on or PM me a screenshot of it, please?

Thanks @graemesowerby - I deleted your comment because we don’t allow posting of paid content in the community. Feel free to PM me the question next time.

For this one, I think 1105.1 is a part of the code you should commit to memory and not necessarily expect to be provided in a reference to a case study or question. I have, however, added it to this case study to avoid future confusion about this question.

Thanks again and good luck on your next exam!