Is restricted entrance part of the public entrance?

when calculating the minimum accessible entrances needed , do we apply 60% to the sum of both public entrance +restricted entrance, or we calculate them separately ?
60% of public +1 ( at least 1)

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Hi @xurubi ,

The 60% is for public entrances only. Where restricted entrances are provided (or if they are) at least (1) of them should be accessible. They are separate.

We can look up the definition of “public entrance” in Chapter 2 - Definitions and see that the IBC defines public entrances as, “An entrance that is not a service entrance or a restricted entrance”.

I’ve included definitions for ‘restricted entrance’ and ‘service entrance’ below for your reference!


If you have a copy of the 2018 IBC Code Commentary at your work I would definitely give it a look. I looked at the commentary for section 1105 to be certain I was passing along the right information and it conveniently referred me back to Chapter 2 where this information was found.

Hope this helps!

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