Practice test 2 - Exit discharge plan

An exit discharge is a path from an exit to a public way. With a main double door shown as well as a stair door both exiting to a public way seems to be confusing.

Hi @aak_jr thanks for writing in! The exit discharge is the area between the exit and the public way. The exit in the center of the plan is the only one of the four that has a space as described.
This question has 4 exits shown, so you have to ask yourself ‘what’s different about these exits?’ - that will lead you down the path to the correct answer if you’re unsure.
Hope that helps and good luck on your next exam!

I thought it was worth noting that Building Code Illustrated (which is indicated as the reference for the question) has a blurb that says “a corridor may extend to the exterior wall and open onto a street, yard, or other public space. This simultaneously provides the exit access, the exit, and the exit discharge to the exterior public way of the building at ground level.

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