Difference between Exit Discharge and Egress Court

The definitions from the IBC of the two subjects are below:

Exit Discharge: That portion of a means of egress system between the termination of an exit and a public way.

Egress Court: A court or yard which provides access to a public way for one or more exits.

I understand that a egress court is a portion or part of the exit discharge, but from the definitions they sound like the same thing. Can someone provide a visual or explanation on the difference?

Hi Jamie and Liz, you have both been so helpful in running the weekend workshops, would either of you be able to assist with this one? @coachjamietischler or @coachlizschneider

Thanks in advance!

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Thank you for your question!
Per chapter 2 of IBC, the definition of court is an open, uncovered space, unobstructed to the sky, bounded on three sides or more by exterior walls or other enclosing devices.
There are specific fire rating requirements of the enclosing court walls, depending on width of travel space and occupant load.
It seems to me based on rereading all of the definitions, an egress court is just a more specific type of exit discharge.
Attached is an older diagram of an egress court from IBC 2012. Hope this helps.