Practice Test Possible error?

Hello there,
I came across this question on a practice exam:

During the excavation of a 1940s train station, the contractor discovers a tunnel system that was unmentioned in the contract documents. The contractor must notify the architect about the finding.”

“How many days does the contractor have to provide notification to the architect according to document A201-2017?”

The correct answer given on the exam is:
According to A201-2017 section 3.7.4, the contractor shall provide “prompt” notice to the owner and architect upon discovery of unknown or concealed conditions within 14 days after discovery.

and the reference: A201-2017 3.7.4

However, is it possible that the given answer is incorrect? AIA 201 -2017 3.7.4 notes: “…the Contractor shall promptly provide notice to Owner and the Architect before conditions are disturbed and in no event later than 21 days after first observance of the conditions”

hey @jonathan - you’re looking at AIA A201-2007, not 2017.

I’d download a copy of each of the applicable AIA documents for the ARE and make sure you’re always using those - it’s easy to open the wrong one if you search for the docs online every time!

Yikes, thank you.
I had the docs on a CD that came with AHPP, I should have double-checked. Now I need to go back and correct my notes.