QUESTION about delivery method: DB bridge

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One quick question in terms of the Project Delivery chapter in AHPP book.

In Design-build : bridge, are design architect and production architect both belonging to one company or they are actually two separate companies? Do they both sign contract with owner before contractor jump in? Because I read the sentence that ‘a portion of the design team is contractually tied to the building contractor’. It’s kind of confused here since design architect will start to work at the beginning before select contractor.

Hope somebody could help me organize the relationship between those four parties: design architect, production architect, contractor and owner.

Thank you!

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Hi @whuang! That’s a good question! @coachjasongolub do you mind answering this question?!

@whuang I think there are two scenarios. First, it sounds like the question you are referring to is describing a situation where there are two Architectural firms involved. In this situation, timing will be a big factor, however the contract can be anyway the team decides. If a client wants a separate contract for design and production (Design-Build) it is up to them. I’m not sure there is one correct answer here. The idea is that Design-Build will be a combined contract with the AOR and the GC.

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Thanks for replying!

After reading AHPP page 516, I am wondering the contractual relationship between architects (design, production), owner and contractor in bridging delivery method.

Are you referring that both architects will sign contract with GC? But according to chart 9.3 seems contractor will jump in after DD phase finish. Let me know if I understand incorrectly.


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