RFI is for Request for Information? or Request for Interpretation? Types of RFI?

Because I found both in different sources (AHPP and CSI Manual of Practice), I wanted to know if we need to use a particular name.
Also, I can’t find the 5 RFI types in books or other sources. Can anybody help me where I can find it?

Request for Information.

I have seen both used in industry, but request for information is the more traditional and common term used in the A201 (§3.2.2, 3.2.3, 3.2.4, 4.2.14), B101 (§,, and in MasterSpec.

I haven’t seen them formally separated into types.

From a PjM standpoint, could classify them as follows:

  1. Typical RFIs (the most common).
  2. RFIs not prepared in accordance with the Contract Documents (responding to which qualifies as an Additional Service).
  3. Frivolous RFIs where the information is available to the Contractor from a careful study and comparison of the Contract Documents, field conditions, and other Owner-provided information (responding to which also qualifies as an Additional Service).

Thank you, DrD !!
Finally, I found the RFI types on the AHPP Page 817. But after reading it, the question is: What is the RFI Type 3 hour-point? 8 or 10 hours? You can find on the same page of AHPP that RFI type 3 has 8 hours-point and 10 hours-points. It is confusing.