Sizing of ducts, pipes, structure?

@coachadamcoers Hi coach adam have you studied and if so how in depth should I study and know sizing of ducts, pipes, structures using those tables for the ARE exam? Like using the AISC chart or sizing lumber for example? Some of this feels like straight up engineering, not sure how much is too in depth for pdd.

Hey Sergio - sorry for the delayed response. When it comes to the exam, you should be familiar with the charts and where to find information such as pipe capacities (like our workshop last week with the drain pipe sizing). when it comes to actually sizing beams or lumber, the exam is not going to test you on those finite details, but rather on the concept and higher level items - frankly there just is not enough time with the exam to do full beam calcs. you should be able to read and understand a CFM chart to select ductwork size based off of a given cfm or to calculate a CFM given a table of values and a room square footage - things like this.

Hopefully this helps.

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Ok good to know, that helps thanks