Slope Length Clarification

Would someone clarify slope length? My understanding of slope length is start of slope to end of slope including intermediate landing even technically slope portion is only where actual slope/s. How about test situation if question ask slope length, do we need to add top and/or bottom landing, or landing/s should not be included in the slope length? Please let me know both ADA and non-ADA situations.

Hi @smoriny,

I’ll try to help! I think the slope length would typically refer to the length of the run of a slope. In the image at the link below it would refer to the 12 dimension for example.

If a question is literally just asking for the slope length I don’t think it require you to add in the landings, but it could be a matter of context! I would imagine a question that asks for the “total length of the ramp” would include intermediate landings. “Total length of accessible path” likely includes intermediate and top and bottom landings!

I do not think ADA vs. Non ADA would play into it – the determining factor would be other context within the question. Hopefully all your slopes are either ADA compliant, landscapes, or roofs!

Hope this helps!

Thank you Darion. So can I assume followings:

  • Total Length of the Slope: only the slope length not include intermediate, top, and bottom landings.
  • Total Length of the Ramp: the slope length and intermediate landing. The top and bottom landings are not include.
  • Total Length of the Accessible Path: the slope length, intermediate landing, top landing and bottom landing are all included.
    The test situation is little confusing and tricky than real world situation. The actual situation, the designer just needs following the required codes and put/draw in the documents/drawings.
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Hi @smoriny ,

Those would be my assumptions! However, every question is a little bit different so you’ll need to pay close attention to the context. This type of question is a great opportunity to practice using the highlight tool on as one word can really change the meaning.

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