Submittal Stamp

The architect should not stamp the consultant’s shop drawings. Is this statement still true if the consultants were hired by Architect? Since the contract for the project is between the Owner and the Architect, shouldn’t the Architect has to stamp all shop drawings? Can someone please clarify and does it matter if it is a public and a private project?

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Hi @jamespongsa that is a great question! Our expert architect will be able to help with this one. @coachchrishopstock do you mind jumping in?

@jamespongsa thanks for the question!
Just to clarify, consultants do not prepare shop drawings, so when you say ‘the consultant’s shop drawings’ I assume that you mean, for example, mechanical ductwork shop drawings that the mechanical engineer needs to review.
AHPP, 15th edition, page 725-726 suggests that the architect should not review submittals that are the responsibility of other design professionals. For the purposes of the ARE, it seems that the answer is that the Architect should not review shop drawings for items that are the responsibility of a consulting engineer or other design professional.
In practice, architects often do review these drawings, and use a stamp that notes ‘reviewed for coordination with architectural drawings only’ or something to that effect.
I hope this was helpful!

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Thank you for your clarification and yes, your assumption is correct.
The office I work for stamps all submittals reviewed by the (MEP) consultants before returning to the GC and usually references the consultant’s comments.