VRF vs Mini-Split

Can you confirm if there are any differences in a Variable Refrigerant Flow/Volume (VRF) versus a Mini-Split System other than terminology? @coachbryanhoward I want to make sure I don’t confuse myself

Thanks in advance

I found this:
VRF systems are similar to the multi-split systems which connect one outdoor section to several evaporators. However, multi-split systems turn OFF or ON completely in response to one master controller, whereas VRF systems continually adjust the flow of refrigerant to each indoor evaporator.

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@algonquin - Really good question and thank you for posting it to the community board. I have had professional experience with VRF systems but I have not yet worked with a mini-split. Your own follow-up is on the right path.

VRF systems can sometimes be used as a catch-all term for duct-less systems that use refrigerant piping fed from central, outdoor units to local (or zoned) blower units, often called heads. However, typically the term “VRF” is used for a specific type of system where the outdoor unit can service a a large number of heads. Mini-split will typically be talking about one outdoor unit feeding to one indoor head and a multi-split system has one outdoor unit feeding a handful of indoor heads. I was seeing a range of 4 to 8 heads that an outdoor multi-split unit could feed. A larger VRF unit can feed more than 8 units.

Hope this helped!

Thanks. I can imagine getting a question related to range. I appreciate your help guys.

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