What is off-street parking

How do you define off-street parking? I run into a question while doing the NCARB practice exams and it considers this 90-degree parking as off-street parking even if it is right next to the street.

Is there anywhere that gives a clear definition of the terms on-street and off-street parking?

are any of these two layouts considered off-street parking?


Hi @yaa - I’m familiar with that NCARB practice question and I think it’s misleading.
Off-street parking is required by may zoning ordinances for the purpose of easing the burden on the available on-street parking, i.e. parking in the public way. Off-street parking is typically required to be provided on a site itself, not within the public way. There are no specific layouts that look like on-street or off-street, it all has to do with where the parking is located.