ARE Live: How to Become a Licensed Architect

Hi, question about breaks–are you allowed to stop the clock/lock everything more than once? As in, divide that 45 minutes into more than one break?

Hi there, I’m glad to be here. I’m located in California, I worked at an architectural firm for approximately 5 years. I do not hold an accredited NAAB Degree. The Architect that I worked for passed away and I never got any work experience signed. He was the only one that was license. Will I lose those experience and start from the beginning again? Also, I’m currently working at a new firm, how do I go about submitting my experience/ hours for my education reciprocation?

I have a non-NAAB accredited degree. I was told by the State of Colorado where I am seeking licensure that I am required to log 7,540 hours with the AXP before I can begin taking tests. My NCARB record indicates that I must log 3,740 hours. Which is correct?

Great question! We’ll answer this during the Q&A session.

Good Afternoon, guys,

You mentioned that there are 9 jurisdictions which require a NAAB degree no matter what you may or may not have. What are those 9 jurisdictions?


Does PSI have the same testing interface as Prometric or will the test look different after the PSI migration?

If I fulfilled IDP requirements, do they fulfill AXP requirements?

Thank you for answering questions about the breaks. I don’t have the stamina to get through PPD without breaks & knowing you can stop the clock more than once is a game changer!

When choosing the alternative path toward licensure you’re required to wait 3 years after being awarded your license before reciprocity. After 8 - 10 years of AXP time that wait seems a bit out of sorts. Why is that a requirement and is that only a state by state requirement or can a state over ride that time frame and award an alternative path architect reciprocity sooner?

So once the non-NAAB degreed candidate earns a license, can the candidate qualify with the initial license and certificate and get a license in the NAAB degreed required jurisdiction?

I failed my last exam and now my rolling clock will expire next month. I will lose my 4.0 credits for 3 exams. What can I do in the meantime while my rolling clock is expiring?

Thanks for all the great questions! If you have any additional questions that weren’t answered in today’s Webinar please feel free to post them here.

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