ARE PjM Practice Exam Question

Why wouldn’t the architect email the owner since they have a relationship and not with the Contractor?

Hi @anna.ishii this one’s tricky and I’m not sure it’s 100% fair, so don’t be too hard on yourself for getting it wrong. I would say that the logic is that if you’re sending a memo about anything to anyone, it should be addressed to the party who should consider taking action based on the contents of the memo. Since the topic is site safety, addressing it to the contractor (while copying the owner) is appropriate, since the contractor is the party who would take action based on your observations of an unsafe condition. Of course, the owner should be kept in the loop as well.

I think the reason the Arch will e-mail the GC and copy the owner is that the project delivery is D&B and the Arch has no contract w the Owner. If the project delivery was DBB then the Arch will e-mail the Owner and copy GC (Answer # C)

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