Exam 3 Question About who secures permit

The question states the architect mentions the city appears to be behind on issuing project permits, who is responsible for SECURING the permit. Check 2

The answers are Owner and Authorized agent and references the IBC.

I get the IBC’s response, but per A201 3.7.1 this is the responsibility of the contractor.

How do I know if I have to follow the IBC or A201? What’s the clue in the question that tells me I need to follow the IBC? I test this week so any answer and insight is appreciated


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Hi @Shikha ,

Good question! You have to follow both the IBC and A201. I know they sound a little contradictory here, I’ll try my best to help clarify.

The owner is obligated to obtain the permit, as in they have to initiate the process of getting a permit and should not attempt to direct work to commence without a permit.

Per A201, it is the contractor’s responsibility to secure (get, or pick up and pay for) those construction permits as applicable to carry out the work by default.

That being said, @coachchrishopstock can you please take a look into this question and make sure its worded appropriately and that I’m not missing anything here?


Hi @Shikha - I think this question is a little overly tricky and we are going to replace it.
I find it helpful to think of a lot of the ‘responsibility’ questions this way - the owner owns the land, therefore is legally responsible for making sure work doesn’t occur without a permit, and for a whole host of other things because they’re the legal owner of the property. The owner passes off a lot of that responsibility by contracting with entities to fulfill certain duties that are enumerated in the various contracts. Anything not enumerated in the contract is, by default, the owner’s responsibility.
For this question, since nothing is said about a contract, I would default to this being the owner’s responsibility (or their authorized agent). But again, that’s a bit too tricky for my liking so we will replace this question.