Coordinate with owners consultants?

Hi can you clarify this? I know that it’s additional service to coordinate with owner’s consultants, but AIA B101 3.1.2 says architect shall coordinate services with owners consultants and owner, what’s the difference between these 2?
What’s the fine line between additional service and what’s basic service?

I have heard that once your helping or working with the owners consultant its additional service, but it’s still not that clear.

An architect is reviewing the contract documents for a new multifamily project.

According to AIA documents A101 and B101, the architect’s general responsibilities include which of the following? Check the four that apply.

Perform professional services comparable with other architects practicing in the same or similar locality under the same or similar project circumstances

Correct. This describes the standard of care, which is one of the architect’s responsibilities according to the owner-architect agreement.

Coordinate services of the owner’s consultants as reasonably required

Incorrect. This is the responsibility of the owner. Coordination of the owner’s consultants can be provided by the architect as an additional service.

Decline to engage in activities, accept employment or receive payment or contributions that would influence the architect’s judgment

Correct. These are some of the architect’s responsibilities according to the owner-architect agreement.

Act as initial decision-maker in resolving disputes between owner and contractor

Correct. According to the owner-contractor agreement, unless another individual is appointed in the agreement, the architect will operate as the initial decision-maker for disputes.

Identify a representative to act on behalf of the architect

Correct. This is one of the architect’s responsibilities according to the owner-architect agreement.

Submit applications for payment

Incorrect. The contractor submits applications for payment to the architect for review. The architect issues a certificate for payment after assessment of the application for payment.

AIA A101-2017;
AIA B101-2017

Hi @sergioclaure93 !

This is a great question and can definitely get tricky. As you mentioned, B101 3.1.2 does say the architect shall coordinate its services with owners consultants which means the architect shall coordinate to make sure that the consultants design works with their own. As an example, if you as an architect receive a structural set it is your responsibility to coordinate to make sure there aren’t any major conflicts between their design and the architect’s.

The question refers to coordinating the services of the owner’s consultants. This would be an additional service as you would be responsible for helping the owner coordinate between the various consultants. An example of this would be facilitating communication between the structural and mechanical engineers. Hope that helps clear up some confusion!


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