Black Spectacles Guarantee - Secure 80% or better on a practice exam

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I have a quick question regarding the 80% minimum score required for the practice exams, in order to satisfy the Black Spectacles guarantee. Do you need to score a minimum of 80% on any one of the forms, or would it also satisfy the requirement if you scored 80% on a randomized exam?

“Secure 80% or better on a practice exam”



Similarly, do we require to watch 100% of the Practical Application videos? It mentions 100% video lectures.
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Hi our expert architect @coachlizschneider will be able to help.

1 Like I believe an 80% on a randomized exam would qualify.
As for the practical application videos, I believe those are separate from the video lectures and are not required to be watched. However, I would recommend watching them!
@katebrennan correct me if I’m wrong here.


Hi, and @coachlizschneider thanks for the handoff! Erin, thanks for your question and interest in our guarantee. We apologize for the confusion and run around, but since we do value our Practical Application videos so highly, they are included in the requirements. We’re updating our qualifications to spell this out more clearly right now, so thank you for your help in improving our clarity! In regards to scoring 80% - you can achieve this with a randomized exam. We hope you enjoy all of our videos; let us know if you have any other questions!

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