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Hello! I’ve had difficulty contacting in the past. So I figured I’d try to reach out here.

I completed all the requirements for my PPD Expert course but don’t qualify for the Expert Guarantee. The last of the third workshops I attended was on February 7th. My highest score was 90% on the exam. Reviewed all flashcards and lectures. Originally, I was scheduled to take my exam February 18th 2021. (And I purchased the PPD course on January 18th) Unfortunately I developed COVID symptoms and had to reschedule my exam. The soonest I got the exam was April 5th, and at that time at negative test results. Unfortunately, I did not pass the exam.

I sent an email to with these details along with my doctor’s note and screen shot of my dashboard meeting the requirements. I realize I have to take all three workshops 60 days before my exam. Given I had to take it in April instead of February, that only counts one. Is there an exception given my circumstance? I would like to continue using Black Spectacles. It helped me pass PA!

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

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Hello @abiren

We are so sorry we could not locate any messages. We do have a chat icon on our site that is also a direct link to support in case you ever need to reach out again. In the meantime, someone from support will be reaching out to you this week.

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