Building Performance / Evaluation

This question stems from the answer explanation on a Black Spectacles PA practice test (Form 2, Question 16).

Does commissioning verify building systems performance after construction? I was under the impression that was one of the main goals of commissioning.

How does energy model analysis verify building systems performance after construction? I thought that an energy model analysis would only be used to help predict how the building would perform as designed and that it would not be used to verify how a the systems are performing after construction.

hey coaches - any thoughts?

@monicafitzpatrick would an energy model analysis provide verification for how a constructed building is performing?

Hi @Smith.Marks thanks for the question!

The question you’re referring to describes the client’s desire to document the performance of building systems chosen during the design phase, and then continue to verify their performance after construction. The question then goes on to ask ‘Which one of the following would best provide for these client goals during the design phases?’

Therefore, the correct answer is an energy model analysis. This is a tricky one!

thanks for shedding some light on that - I appreciate it