Test 2 question 14

A client requires high performance building systems to be integrated into a new corporate project early in the design phases, and wants documentation showing how the suggested performance will likely be achievable by the approach taken by the design team. The client also desires ongoing verification of systems performance after construction.

Which one of the following would best provide for these client goals during the design phases?

Why did we assume the question is asking about “energy systems” although energy was not mentioned in the question?

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@coachchrishopstock can you please look into this question and see if you can provide additional explanation?


Hi @ylouka , thanks for the question!
The question mentions ‘high performance building systems’ and then discussed their ‘performance’. Typically, the end goal of these system’s performance is a reduction in energy use over the baseline system, whilst still achieving the same desired outcome (i.e. heating or cooling the space).
This question is also phrased as occurring early in the design phase - two of the options can be eliminated because they don’t occur early in the design phase. The last two remaining choices are BIM modeling and energy modeling analysis - BIM modeling doesn’t inherently provide any analysis of building performance.
I hope this was helpful, and good luck on your next exam!

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yes, thank you

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