CE Closeout Process

Can someone clarify the meaning of ‘subcontractor will start building system’ after the Owner pay the final pay application?

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Hi @rocelyn ,

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community! Great question.

I’m afraid I had to delete the screenshot as we do not allow posting of any paid content, both Black Spectacles or 3rd party. If you ever have questions you’re free to quote the material, we just don’t allow screenshots on the forum. You can always send screenshots directly to hello@Blackspectacles.com or any of our coaches for assistance as well!

“Subcontractor will start building systems that they installed” in this instance is referring to the moment in the closeout process where the subs will get the equipment running. For example, the HVAC sub will start the air conditioning system and ensure that it is functioning properly prior to turnover.

This question also relates to commissioning. As a part of the commissioning process, the systems that the subs have started operation on will be checked for functionality.

Of course, the EIFS subcontractor isn’t going to have any ‘building systems’ to start. This question was more specifically looking at subs who install building systems like HVAC, electric, & other mechanical equipment.

Hope this helps!

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