Construction Schedule

Does the construction schedule need approval from the owner initially after notice to proceed? Also, what is the basic purpose of sharing the construction schedule on the progress meetings?

Hi @dchatterjee ! Thank you for your questions.

According to the AIA contracts, the construction schedule is submitted for informational purposes only and does not appear to require official “approval” from the owner or architect. Both parties can definitely comment on the schedule and ask questions, specifically as it relates dates of commencement or substantial completion. However, the contractor is responsible for means and methods as outlined in the schedule.

Sharing updated construction schedules at progress meetings allow for adequate review of general construction progress. This helps the architect coordinate site visits and review pay applications, and therefore, provide reports to the owner of any known deviations from the schedule.

See the following contract sections for more information:
AIA A201-2017: §, § 3.10.1, § 4.2.3
AIA B101-2017: § 3.1.3

I stumbled upon this article that has some great comments on experiences various architects see in their own practice. Keep in mind that the comments may not align directly with NCARB objectives or the AIA contracts, but could give you some wider context.

Hope this helps. Happy studying!

Kiara Galicinao, AIA, NCARB
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