CE- which drawing is included in Construction document?

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One question confuses me when I read AHPP book page 1085. It says the shop drawing is not included in construction contract while construction contract do include some sort of “drawings” to show design, location etc of the work. I am wondering is this the type of drawing architect needs to prepare to show his/her design intent? If so when do they need to prepare it? Before bidding or after bidding?


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Hi @whuang ! Let’s see if one of our expert architects can help?

@coachglennparks do you mind jumping in?

Typically a shop drawing is not included in the construction contract because it is sent by a particular shop in response to the designer’s construction drawing describing intent. It may help to think of a shop drawing as a ‘specific response’ and the design intent drawing as a 'general call". Metaphorically, I might ‘call’ for a mustard for my sandwich, but before accepting the sandwich I might require the server to describe what brand of mustard and how much and where it will be placed on my bread before accepting it for consumption. If the shop drawing (waiter’s description of what the kitchen will provide) ‘response’ is adequate, I might accept it on behalf my design for a good sandwich! The mustard requirements are best identified when reviewing the menu and placing the order (bidding), and acceptance of the Dijon applied liberally on side of the toast under lettuce after the order is placed. Please let me know if this analogy makes sense for you or if you hunger for more information. :wink: