Electrical Plan - Practice Exam


The practice exam says the electrical plan should show “Hold Opens,” not the “Conduits.”

Could you please confirm if I’m reading this correctly.


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Hey @ridlby!

Good question, we’re reviewing it now. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

Hey @ridlby, yes, you’re reading this correctly. I conferred with a contractor for this, and his answer is as follows:

“conduit would not generally be shown on electrical plans, because it’s usually up to the electrician to figure out the most efficient way to run their conduit.”. I would add that Architects provide how the equipment should look and operate, while contractors are responsible for means and methods (architects supplying the light fixture and switch that operates the fixture, contractor deciding how and where to wire).

“hold opens are a device that holds a door open, usually tied to a fire alarm or other alarm system. This would be shown as it’s a piece of equipment that requires power”.


Thanks for the answer!
I guess it also depends on the project size. The E-series usually show the location and counts of the conduit in big projects.

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