Federal Laws

As I am memorizing which federal laws apply to different sizes of offices, I am surprised that ‘Civil Rights Act of 1991’ doesn’t apply to all offices. Does this therefore imply that employers with offices of 15 or more employees CAN LEGALLY discriminate on terms of race, creed, color, nationality, sex, or origin?

I got this question wrong on the test only because I was certain this could not be true…

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Hi @Daniel.Tynes & welcome to the ARE Community!

Let’s see if one of our experts can help ! @coachjasongolub do you mind jumping in?

Sorry, I meant to say offices of LESS than 15

@Daniel.Tynes I think this site is a great resource and provides insight to other state legislature.


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thanks for the reply. So from what i can surmise, it appears that Title IV of Civil Rights of 1964 would provide protections against this. Im unsure then why AHPP references 1991 then?

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