Form 3 Practice Exam - Item # 30


I was wondering why the correct answer to the question is candidate a, my answer is candidate c because it mentioned that he/she is a bim expert, although his healthcare experience is only 70% instead of 75% per the requirements. It’s not mentioned that candidate a is bim proficient which is a requirement of the position. Comparing between candidate a and candidate b, it seems to me that candidate c is more qualified. Can you please explain? Thank you.

Marilou Denum

Hi @marilou.denum - we added a sentence to the question about a week ago that I think helps clarify, not sure if you took the exam before or after I added it.
The question states that ‘All four have shared their portfolios, which included projects completed using BIM’. The question notes that the firm is looking for a candidate who’s BIM proficient, not necessarily an expert. Since all four candidates can be considered to be BIM proficient based on them all having portfolios with BIM projects, the other factors must be considered. Candidate A is the only candidate that meets all of the firm’s criteria. Candidate C’s experience in healthcare, at 70%, is short of the firm’s 75% requirement.
I hope this was helpful and good luck on your next exam!

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your reply. I missed that sentence on the question.

No problem! FYI that sentence is purposely added after the bullets in the question, making it easy to miss. It’s really important to practice reading the whole question, determining what information is important (perhaps by highlighting) and then answering the question.