Practice Exam_Selecting Candidate Question

Hello Team,

One of the questions I think is deceiving since the given information is vague.

I know the requirements of the candidate needed is clear, yet we do not know if Candidate A is BIM proficient for sure. it is a must in the ask. Why did we consider Candidate A since he has the 75% relevant experience, but not the BIM expert? any thoughts?

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Hi Mo - I deleted the question image from your post because we don’t allow paid content to be posted on the community.

Candidate C does not meet the firm’s experience requirement - the firm is looking for 75% of the candidate’s experience to be on healthcare projects, and Candidate C only has 70% (7/10 years). Although they’re a BIM expert, the firm is only looking for BIM proficiency, which is a lower standard.
I understand that this question is tricky but we think it aligns with what you may see on the ARE. I will do a bit more thinking about it and decide if we should add more clear language that Candidate A is proficient in BIM.
Thanks for writing in and good luck on your next exam!

From an employer’s perspective, a 7-year gap on a resume is more concerning to me than just 5% more experience of time. SEVEN years is a long time and programs such as BIM are not constant as they were 7 years ago. I got this one wrong as well and I think this question is only a “gotcha” question. I don’t think from an employer’s perspective one would ever choose a candidate with a 7-year hiatus over a “BIM Expert”.