Practice Exam #3, Paint Product Data Sheet Question Clarification


I was confused by a Region Select question within Practice Exam 3, concerning a Sherwin Williams Product Data Sheet, and was hoping to get some clarification.

The question states “The area to be finished is a large existing plaster ceiling in a fabrication shop. The ceiling is 14 feet high and the existing finish is painted plaster.” and you’re supposed to select the region of the exhibit which has the information for this application.

The correct region speaks to an application for “Plaster and Wood, Interior,” but just below is an application for “Previously Painted.” I thought this would be correct, as the question states that the existing finish is painted plaster. Why is “Plaster and Wood, Interior” the better answer?


@coachchrishopstock can you please dig into this and see if you can expand on the answer explanation for this question?


Hi @sillscai thanks for bringing this to my attention. I agree that ‘previously painted’ should be the correct answer here, and will update our question accordingly. Go ahead and consider your answer for this question to be correct!
Good luck on your next exam.

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