Practice Exam Form 2, Question #45

The question asks what type of report should be used to document meetings at each phase, and the answer indicates that it will be “Narrative Report” for all SD, DD and CD phases. However, in my experience, both DD and CD phase meetings have action items as part of the meeting minutes. Any clue why that’s not the right answer?


Hi @nabavi_s and welcome to the ARE Community! @coachdarionziegler do you mind helping with this question?

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Hi @nabavi_s ,

Great question! I think this question in particular is one of those that is looking for the ‘most correct’ answer.

I know often times our meeting minutes include a list of action items in most phases. However, these minutes are still styled like “Narrative Reports” and provide more detail than a simple Action Item Report as there are typically broader subjects to cover and a simple tracking of open items does not encompass the full scope what took place at the meeting. As the AHPP states on page 593, issues (or action items) may not be as clearly defined during the design phase as compared to the construction phase. A narrative style may be more appropriate in allowing the client to better understand decisions and documenting discussions.

Page 722 of the AHPP talks about “Action Item Report” are popular to be used during construction phases and then gives an example of how one might be used on page 723.

It’s totally possible a firm might choose to use a Action Item Report in other phases. However, based on the information given in the prompt and the knowledge that narrative meeting reports are more detailed and provide explanation of both issues that do and do not require follow up action, this style of documentation would be more appropriate during the design phases.

Hope this helps!