Practice Exam II Question 65

Can someone explain why gas is an incorrect answer for the following question please. The question is as follows:

“A community board is reviewing the plans for the renovation of a multi-building public housing complex. The board wants to know which utilities/services are going to be affected by the renovation and how they will impact the design.”

Which utility and service pairs are correctly matched? Check the three that apply.

The correct answers were electrical, sewer, and water. The same following explanation was given below these correct answers as well as the incorrect answer for Gas.
“Correct. Sewer service is a utility. Utilities can be public or private companies that provide water, sewer, electric, and gas. Utilities have infrastructure to build and maintain, and have rights to land use through easements.”

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Assuming it is a renovation only and no additions, then the gas required for each unit should more or lesss stay the same and that line can be extended to whatever point it needs to be in the unit so that wouldn’t have a major impact on the surrounding infrastructure. The bathroom and kitchen are most likely to be gutted during a renovation, and systems have to be upgraded to the current code, flow rates, water pressure at point of entry may need to be raised…and the sewage lines need to be brought to current code most likely…etc etc. How the design is changed or not changed (per the boards question) can be directly attributed to where plumbing fixtures are in relation to the existing utilities, or if the utilities/infrastructure will need to move to accommodate moving the kitchen for instance, or where your soil stack is in relation to the sewage connection elevation. Not much has changed as to how natural gas is brought to a site from a code perspective in the past 30 years outside of leak detection…imo. Remember the test is the three “Best” answers. In practice, it would be all of the above.

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