Target location question

The following question on one of the practice exam seems flawed:

The architect has identified that there will need to be one mailbox for every 10 units. To program the height of the mail kiosk, the architect needs to determine the reach range for each mailbox.

Which of the following code provisions establishes the minimum allowable reach height for the bottom of the mailboxes? Using the image below, click the appropriate dimension.

There are two locations to click upon, either in the text of the code which reads “the low target reach shall be 15 inches min. above the floor” or on the 15" min dimension string on the diagram. The practice exam only states the 15" dimension string is the correct answer. Why is the text not correct as well.

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Hi @nicholas_sieger & welome to the ARE Community! @coachdarionziegler do you mind helping Nicholas with this question?!

Hi @nicholas_sieger ,

Do you know what form you encountered this question on? I’d like to take a look at it.

I’m thinking this question is saying only the dimension string is correct because the prompt says, “click the appropriate dimension”. The question was wanting you do only click the dimension itself, not the text describing the dimension.

However, I do want to double check the question if you can please direct me to correct form!


@coachdarionziegler The question was on Form 2.

Hi @nicholas_sieger ,

Thanks for your patience! The question was trying to prompt you to choose the dimension string… However, I can understand how that could be ambiguous. I’m going to bring this question to the attention of the QC team so they can evaluate it. I think this question might be more effective with only the diagrams and no text.

Thanks for pointing this question out!

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