Work Phases

Any consideration during renovation or adding buildings to select where to start renovation work ? what should be considered ?
Thank you

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Hey @busaileh73 and welcome to our ARE Community!

Thanks for the great question! @heatherrivera or @cat.heard9, are either of you able to share some insight regarding what to consider when renovating?

Hi @busaileh73, welcome to the community! Yes, there are plenty of things to take into consideration when renovating a space or creating an addition. In general, here are some things to consider before taking on that sort of work:

Existing conditions
What type of renovation or addition is occurring? How will this impact the occupants in this space? Can this work be phased or portioned to avoid shutting down the building(s)? How will this impact the work schedule and fees? Is this an historic building? Do I need to rely on additional experts to complete the work?
What sorts of permits do I need to complete this work? Am I changing or adding occupancy or building types? How does this affect life/safety within the building? Are there additional restrictions on this project I need to be aware of (historical, flood zones, ecodistricts, etc)?
Project Goals and Requirements
What is the timeline for this project? What are my clients priorities? Does my client understand the relationship between quality, time and cost? How will proposed work integrate with existing conditions?

Hope this helps. This is a fairly large scale answer, so let me know if you have any follow up questions.