CE Practice exam question 8

After all of the HVAC systems are installed, the architect and mechanical engineer need to ensure that the system is operating at maximum efficiency.

Which of the following procedures should they request?

The correct answer is Testing, adjusting and balancing. TAB
I chose dry bulb test but that is to measure ambient air temperature.

Can someone explain this testing? Is it as simple as just testing the hvac air temperature in a building? Also what is a good way to understand study these consultant type questions? Not sure how much of this is on the exam, maybe I should read and look at MEP drawings as well?

Hi @sergioclaure93 ,

I’ll do my best to help!

There’s actually a Wikipedia page on TAB. While it might sound unofficial, it is actually a common task often performed by specialized contractors.

For a lot of C&E questions I found first hand experience in construction administration tasks the most helpful for helping me understand concepts like consultant responsibilities, testing, commissioning, and of course, the RFI & Submittal processes. If you have a mentor at work I highly suggest reaching out to them to see if they can include you on some of the CA work for a project you assisted in the design of. It can even be very helpful just to sit in on OAC meetings or check out some of the submittals received.

You can absolutely read about these processing in the Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice on pages 714-729 in particular, but nothing beats first hand experience.

The specifications typically will list out what testing is required. So you may want to practice reading through specifications at work as well. Reviewing MEP drawings is a great exercise, but reading the MEP specs are what will get you familiar with testing and performance requirements.

Questions about consultants and particularly what their responsibilities are vs. yours or others will be common. The AHPP is a great resource for this. If you want to learn more about MEP systems and already have a Black Spectacle’s subscription I would recommend starting to watch some of the systems focused objectives within the PPD & PDD lectures.

Hope this helps!

Ok yeah I will do that, also get more familiar with the MEP drawings and responsibilities of the architect and consultants. Thanks

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